Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some Shabby Stuff

I couldn't stand the winter photo anymore, so this is one from last summer (sigh!), even though it's 31 degrees again, spring is a-comin'.

Here's some photos of my slightly shabby guest room. The rose art is by Jennie Hepler, You can find her blog at The Prim Pumpkin.

Painted roses and rose quartz

Some of my Lefton china 

I love the old-fashioned lighting fixtures. One wall has a sliding door leading to the greenhouse. You can't see the bed because it isn't made! 

 A friend gifted me with this teacup on a stick. It's a bird feeder for the garden!

This is my next project. Guess what it's going to be??
Have an interesting day!  Love, Linda

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