Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Springing Time

I can feel the earth waiting. The air is frosty at night, but the morning sun is a little thicker and the afternoon sun a little more golden.
Things are waking up and stirring under the leaf litter.
Some small, hard brown/green buds can be found on the tips of branches, the light lingers a bit later in the evening.
Mother Nature is holding her breath.

When I was a teenager, I remember hanging out my bedroom window when the wind was coming in from the south. The air smelled so good, filled with warm moistness, hinting of spices and places far away. I was filled with such longing for something. I wanted to go somewhere, with my nose pressed against the window screen, taking deep breaths of that scented air. Soon, it will smell that way again.

I can't wait to see the little green things pushing up through the earth, and hear the peepers singing beside the stream.

Just a few more cold breaths of winter, a few more logs on the fire, a few more days of pulling on the winter coat and gloves and sitting in a cold car.

Then the spring rains will come, softening the earth and melting the last of the tired snow. Roots will reach and spread and feed the pushing green stems.

Then, that warm, soft wind, the first robin, and Mother Nature will laugh and open her hands and scatter flowers everywhere.

Love, Linda

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