Friday, March 25, 2011

Canine Kids

Our perfect companions never have fewer
than four feet.                     Colette

Angel Jenny passed away two years ago, at age thirteen. She is waiting for the rest of us at the Rainbow Bridge.

Marley (Davidson)
Adopted from the SPCA. He was taken from a "hoarding house," where he was starved. He weighed 58 lbs. (now 90 lbs.) He protects me from the postman, the UPS man, the FedEx man and passing joggers.

Sunny Joy and Cassandra Jean, the breeder girls, adopted from Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue. Whenever they encounter a puppy, they look (and walk) the other way. Cassie's safe place upstairs is in the fireplace, so no fires for Linda. (Don't you love the crossed feet?)

Cassie needed surgery after she ate a hairbrush. Yum. She has a small problem with eating non-food items.

Sunny likes soft toys because she doesn't have that many teeth left.

Marley in "his" chair.

Sunny as "Miss June 2009" in the Delaware Valley Golden Retriever calendar. Check those eyelashes! Give your companions a hug today (and maybe an extra cookie!)

Have a playful day, Love Linda


  1. So glad I found your blog. Love those gorgeous puppies :))


  2. Hi Chrissie,
    Thanks for stopping by! I quickly visited your blog and Ben is adorable. Don't you just LOVE retrievers?!
    Gotta sleep so I can do another 12 hr. shift.

    See ya, Linda