Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Update on the Sprouting Project

Two days later . . .

Something seems to be happening.

And today, look at this!
Soooooo, I tasted one. It tastes like broccoli. Not impressed.
Let's try the China Rose radish . . . It's a little better, but doesn't taste like a radish. I guess I could hide it in a salad if I used lots of Bleu Cheese dressing. We have to make some sacrifices to eat healthy. Next the Mung bean sprout . . .

Ick, Phew, Poo, Ugh! That tastes awful! Kind of hairy too! Here Marley, Sunny, Cassie?
Nope. Even the dogs aren't interested.

On to another project:
This is what came of that pile of fabric and lace in the last blog. An apron! I hope to finish it today. Last night I ordered some Very Cute little girl patterns.

Tomorrow, the Philadelphia Flower Show. Can't wait!

Have a delicious day, Love, Linda

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