Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hi, I'm Gabe

My name was Cain, but now it's Gabriel
and I think I'm going to live here forever.
I'm six years old and have the same birthday as mom.
August 26 - my new mom, that is.
I used to live with another mom and a little girl with special needs.
I liked her, but they moved and couldn't take me.
I was going to be "euthanized"
That, I think is something bad.
Anyway, Linda, my new mom came, and I rode in the car
to my new house. I wasn't sure what was going on, but she
gave me some really great food, and then went away for
a long time. I wasn't sure what to do
so I took the pillows off the sofa. Then I went to sleep.
She came home the next morning, and gave me a really
great breakfast. I still wasn't sure where I was,
so I was on my best behavior, which is pretty good.
She told me her other dog had gone to Rainbow Bridge,
and she was missing him a lot and I was missing my family,
 so we didn't do much for a couple of weeks,
 only going in and out and sitting on the porch
 and eating some really great food. She changed my name to Gabriel.
Gabriel is ok. She also calls me Good Boy.
One day she brought me some things to play with called "toys."
I've never had any, and they are great. Some have
squeakers inside and some crackle and mom plays
with them with me. I have an alligator and a shark.
And I have a dog with a bottle inside and I can take
out the bottle. Then I have some toys with little compartments.
Mom puts treats and peanut butter inside.
And I have a purple ball.
We went for some walks, but every time I see a kid or
another dog I need to go see them, and mom isn't very
strong, so she got tired of being "hauled around" she says.
Now we go to school once a week. I love school.
I get to listen to a clicking noise and I know then I will
get a treat. It is just the greatest thing, and all I have to do
is the thing that makes the clicker click. Sometimes it's hard.
But the treats are reeeeally good. And I get to play
with the other dogs.

I love to practice the clicker homework. I just sit and stare at mom
until she gets the clicker and the treats.
I can still smell the other dog who lived here and
sometimes I use his leash. But I'm pretty happy here
and I think mom is too.
Love, Gabe Good Boy