Monday, February 28, 2011

Inspiration - Creation

As we ponder and reflect on our writing, art and photography,
 we can make connections that are life-enhancing, healing,
 even capable of powerful revelation.
 Our posts become a kind of offering, a prayer so to speak,
 four ourselves, our loved ones, our audience, perhaps
 even for the world. Through the art of blogging,
 our life experiences can be elevated to that of art. 
 This powerful transformation naturally feeds back
 into our life, in a circular motion, drawing more
 and more artful experiences to us.
      - Susan Tuttle, Somerset Studio, Jan/Feb, 2010

When I was little, I had a pink diary complete with a golden key. The clean white pages waited for me to record the exciting events of my life. After several days of faithful recording, I noticed that every day sounded the same. I saw friends, went to school, wrote about what we had for dinner, and the days blended together. I got bored and stopped writing.

In high school I had a white diary, stamped with gold. Surely life would be much more interesting. I had a boyfriend and it was a five-year diary, so I only had to fill up five lines. I kept that diary for four years! I still wrote about what I ate and it became a diet diary, an assignment diary, and a weather report, of all things!

I am finally beginning to figure out that a diary should be more about feelings and dreams and less about events. More inspiration and less dieting. So, we shall see where it goes. . .

Have an interesting day!

Love, Linda


  1. hey!! welcome to blog world!! Love the header that your house??

  2. Yes, my house. I will be here a year in May. You will be seeing more photos -- I have to clean first!

  3. Linda thanks for this blog...I thought of Cat when I read it...she has a Tinkerbell diary with a little silver lock. In it, she has my parents' phone numbers and drawings of rainbows and rabbits, the alphabet, and numbers 1 through 20! It brings me joy that she feels these things special enough to be kept under lock and key, and yet she shares this with me :)

  4. I enjoyed this blog, Linda. It reminded me of Cat's Tinkerbell diary. It has a little lock and key. In it she has my parents' phone numbers, drawings of rainbows and rabbits, the alphabet, and numbers 1 through 20. Those are her "secrets" and it brings me joy that she chooses to share her "private thoughts" with me! Thanks for the blog!

  5. That's great! She sounds more creative than I was!