Thursday, July 21, 2016

My Lilies are Blooming!

Three years ago I bought oriental lily bulbs at the Philadelphia Flower Show
I got some double pink ones, and I can't remember their name.
I also got white Casa Blanca, and planted them in memory of my mother.
We had white Casa Blanca lilies at her funeral.
They are blooming now!

Love, Linda

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Gabe Here . . . trip to Indianapolis

Well, we have to go see the Sadies' every year, so we did it again this year . . .
This time Patty went along.
Mom wanted her to sit in front, but she wouldn't.
She squashed in back with me.
 We went through that long house again.
And came out the other side like last time.
We stayed in the room overnight. Patty was nervous.
She got in bed with mom.

The next day we got to the Sadies' house.
 This is Sadie Mae
 This is Sadie Rose
They remembered me and bossed me around as usual.
I was nice.
Patty liked them.
 I got on the sofa.
 And I got to play with their toys. Patty chewed the nose off the penguin.
We all peed in the back yard.
Mom and Mary worked in the kitchen and we helped. They painted,
and put up shelves, and made curtains.
We had a pretty good time.
Then we came back home. I was glad to see my own yard again!
Love, Gabe