Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Latest Projects

The Bad Hair Day Bunny is done and listed on Etsy.

The fur is twisty-soft-frazzled, and she is wearing an antique crocheted collar. The ears are bendable and go down . . . 
or up!
I also made a butterfly top and pants in size 6-8.
Now working on the brown bunny - the Spring Hare!  Below - scrap soup.
Went to the Golden Retriever Rescue today and massaged 7 dogs. Some were afraid, some waggy, one growled at me, but ended as my best friend and kissed me on the lips-bleah!

One sat in my lap - all 90 lbs. of him. A female who was just spayed was feeling sorry for herself and loved a gentle backrub. When I got home, covered with dog hair, dog kisses and who knows what, my three met me at the door and went over me with fine-toothed noses, "Where have YOU been???"

What have you been up to??  

Love, Linda


  1. What an adorable talented are you! Happy day my friend. xoxo

  2. Linda,

    Great blog you've got here! So much to love, Golden's (my fave) beautiful flowers, fabric & your home!!! OMG, first of all the history of it. Fascinating. Your style is amazing. BTW, I've never heard of Goofus Glass but I gotta love the name at least. Your an awesome seamstress & I cannot wait to come back & see more. Lisa