Friday, July 25, 2014


The "pre cooled" lily bulbs I bought at the Phila. Flower Show
are blooming! They are spectacular!
First "the promise" -

I bought a dozen of white Casa Blanca lilies
and a dozen of pink double.

Aren't they just wonderful!!
I couldn't stop looking at them.

They smell wonderful too.
Love, Linda

Friday, July 11, 2014

Dancing by the light of the moon

My wall hanging has finally begun.
After all the sampling I have done, shown previously,
I have started stitching the actual piece!
Here is my template drawn on brown paper:
Below is the first "clump" It will be in the space second from the right
on the bottom row.
It started with some free motion embroidery, adding snippets of lace
and fabrics while stitching, them embellished with
french knots and buttonhole stitch.
Some of the clumps will be padded.
It took an age!
I am planning the second clump.
Below is Dukers sitting like a human.
And feeling very pleased with himself.
Love, Linda