Friday, April 15, 2011

Show 'n Tell

Hi, and Happy Friday!
I've had a few requests to see the inside of my house, so today I'll show you my living room. I have lived here almost a year and has it gone fast! I had a Cape Cod cottage before and this is an Italian mini-villa, so my tastes are heading toward European with a detour at Medieval. But my bedroom and guest room are still shabby cottage. It has two bedrooms.
The house was built by two artists in 1957, with add-ons in the 70s. I purchased the house from a well-known literary agent (that's all I'm going to say Toni, unless you want me to add a link to your workshops!), who had lots of mini-greyhounds thus, the tile floors. It's built into the side of a hill, so when you walk around the house you can go into the second story. There is an iron spiral staircase from Europe and a greenhouse off the guest room. Two of my dogs run up and down the spiral stairs, the third (Sunny) will have nothing to do with it, so she has to go outside and around at bedtime.
The spiral stairs are in the foyer - I'll show you that next post. That's Cassie at the top wondering if I'm making dinner.
 One end of the living room. The cabinet came from ebay! My TV is inside. The sofa is to the left, but A. The mirror over it kept reflecting the flash and B. You can see the doggie gate across the doorway - not very House Beautiful.
 My precious wood stove.
 Detail. (lol)
This is my friends and I (really a flea-market find called "Merry Springtime")
Santos crowns on the windowsill
 The other end of the room.
I like John Waterhouse prints
I also collect Goofus Glass - which used to be 50 cents to $2.00 a plate, and is still pretty cheap, which is why I can afford to collect it, since my money all goes to the Mortgage Company.
This lady is riding on a fish.
That's all for now, Next time, I'll show you the foyer. Have a wonderful weekend - I'm off to work. Love, Linda

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