Friday, April 29, 2011

House Tour - continued:

The tour of my house continues with , , , the foy yea!
The previous photo was taken toward the front of the house. In this one, I'm standing on front of the double doors. The pump organ belonged to my great-grandmother - father's side.

The painting over the doorways is of orange blossoms to complement the porcelain fruit - a gift from the previous owner.
The door to the powder room.
Cassie's crate is in this room as well, and yes, I play the harp - quite badly!
Have to restart my lessons.

Best wishes to Miss Middleton and Prince William on their wedding day.
Love, Linda


  1. you have a beautiful home!! and I am sooooo jealous that you can play the harp!!!

  2. your home is gorgeous!! i love the harp!!!{& how how i love the bonnet & apron in your etsy shop, so beautiful!!!}

    loveliest of thoughts