Friday, April 22, 2011

Planting Onions

I'm used to flower gardens - I've cultivated flowers for years - but never any vegetables, except the odd cherry tomato plant. Since there's not much sun here, I'm going to try vegetables in pots - hmmmm, we shall see.

I planted some tiny sage plants. I'm starting everything in the greenhouse for a week or so - except the potatoes - more about them later.
And the lettuce is starting to come up. I planted lettuce seeds.

Onion sets. I have no idea what kind they are or how close to plant them. Well, here goes!
Isn't this a great pot?? It came with the house.
Anybody know if they are too close together??
Too late!!
I took some more pictures of the sky and trees. Look, we are finally getting some baby leaves!
And, made a quick spring wreath for the door. Before . . .

And after.
Happy Easter!
Love, Linda

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