Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hi Friends,
I wanted to show you some of the lovely things I've found lately. My very first Etsy purchase - in fact the first shop I landed on - was this lovely piece from Contemporary Embroidery: http://www.karenruane.blogspot.com/. I typed in "white-on-white embroidery" and up it popped! My photograph below doesn't do it justice, so I took a few sideways to show the lovely raised stitching.
Karen is a true artist. I'm not yet sure if I will frame it or make a pillow.
Next is fabric purchased from Sew Love Fabrics www.sewlovefabrics.etsy.com

 And from Sew Deerly Loved http://www.sewdeerlyloved.etsy.com, more pretty fabric!

Soon to be incorporated into new creations.

Remember that pretty pink package?? It came from Shabby Cats and Roses http://shabbycatsandroses.blogspot.com/
First, there was chocolate and herb tea, then a pink shaker:
AND . . . this lovely pillow.
I bought it for my sister for Christmas - but I may keep it - it looks lovely on my bed. By now, my credit card is smoking, but what do I see but this beautiful book on Sandy's Shabby Streamside Studio blog. http://myshabbystreamsidestudio.blogspot.com/. It's in German, but it doesn't matter,  the photography and the rooms are inspirational. The link is on Sandy's blog.

So, now my credit card is frozen in an ice cube tray where I can't get at it, until it cools down!

Love, Linda


  1. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. I am curious if you plan to blog about your house and the interior or any projects you might be doing on it? I love the first fabric, the white on white you showed, its very lovely. I also have a rescue dog and wish everyone would rescue!

  2. Hi Linda :) I'm so glad you love the pretty pillow & little shaker. Thanks so much for mentioning me on your blog, that is so sweet & very kind of you :) That book looks like it would be wonderful, and I love that white on white embroidered piece ~ I think it would make a beautiful pillow.

    Have a wonderful day friend!!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  3. Hi Linda, all your purchases are irresistable...forget about the overheated credit card!!!! Thanks for the shout out too..have an amazing (spend free) day!! x

  4. Yes Amy, I will be showing photos of my house - the living room is turning kind of medieval and I have a new obsession with crowns - maybe that will be the next post! Of course I'm not professionally trained - I just muddle through, so your comments are appreciated! What kind of rescue doggie do you have? My German Shepherd dog is from a hoarding house where he was starved and the 2 goldens are from a puppy mill where they were used for breeding. (I wrote about them in an earlier blog).
    Love, Linda

  5. Hi Brenda!
    I do love my pillow, of course my sister has probably read about it by now, and she will know it was her Christmas present and she will want it . . .
    so as soon as my credit card cools off, we shall see. I love the way you packaged it too, what a treat! Have a fun day, Love, Linda

  6. Isn't Etsy the MOST dangerous place ever???!!! I love it!!!

    m ^..^

  7. It sure is, but where else can you get the best, one of a kind stuff, AND buy from other creative women?? Love, Linda

  8. Linda,

    Zuzu says 'arf'!

    I know...now another book from Europe is coming out...!



  9. Such lovely treasures...I am an on line shopper too...love etsy!...my mailman always wonders why I get so many parcels. Hugs to you my friend. xoxo

  10. Hello Linda, Thank you for visiting my blog today and following, I am now following yours. What beautiful things and your blog is lovely. You will really love blogging, everyone is so nice. Have a wonderful week. Love your beautiful Etsy shop. Terri

  11. Hi Linda!
    What an enchanting blog you have! I love your property, creativity, sense of humor and those precious rescued pups and of course must become your newest follower!!
    I just happen to have a few yards of the pink floral fabric you used your last "scraps" off to make the darling girlie pants set and I'd be more than happy to send you a yard . . . just drop me a note to my email on my profile page!
    Happy Day to you!!

  12. Hiya. Glad those followers came back cuz I'm now one! :-)

    Beautiful fabric! TFS! :-)