Saturday, December 29, 2012

Longwood Gardens Dec 24

Yes, I know this is backwards, I've already posted the Christmas post
but one can always look at beautiful gardens, right??
One of our traditions is Christmas Eve at Longwood,
where we tour the conservatories, sing along to the 
pipe organ Christmas carols, and enjoy the millions of lights
decorating the trees.
Longwood used to be the Dupont Estate - it's located in
Kennet Square, PA, near Delaware.

This year's group, Jules and Diane, on either side,
my daughter Aimee and I in the middle.
The first conservatory was all white this year. Breathtaking!

Can you smell these??
Every time I come to Longwood, I just keep taking deep breaths.
I just can't leave anything alone.
On to the main display!
A banquet table surrounded by water.
The ballroom. You can see the organ console in the corner.
The pipes take up a room the same size behind
 the wall to the right. The panels are fabric.

There are many other rooms and displays.
Aimee is listening to a lily!
Outside, it's starting to get dark and the lights are coming on.
And starting to snow!
Thanks for coming along!
Love, Linda


  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful trip. It must have been so amazing.

  2. Hi Linda -- your blog is all loaded in for the party -- see you there!


  3. Oh Wow..what a gorgeous place..magical! Beautiful blooms..and stunning wintery imagery! Lovely pictures of you wonderful!! Wishing you much magic and joy for 2013!!

  4. I love going on virtual trips with bloggers. Beautiful. I have heard of this place but never visited. Just lovely.