Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day Three

I had Christmas lunch today with three friends, so this was the first test for Duke being
Alone in the House
well, Sunny was there, but since Duke howls when I take a shower . . .

When I came home . . . the house was intact!
No pee or poop in the house!
But Oh My, he was glad to see me!!!!
First, he washed both of my hands, then 1 leg up to my knee, then started on my right arm. Then, he brought me one of my shoes.
Now, he his leaning heavily against my leg, rooting for petting, and this is over two hours later! Heavy, anxious panting as well.
I was only gone for about 5 hours.
 (Above is the stairs wrapped with chicken wire, until he can go up and down while going around at the same time. Looks pretty festive!

Some photos of Barking with Sunny:
A bit blurred, with the frantic wagging.
Woo woo woo!
 This is MY bed! AND MY pillow!
Letting sleeping dogs lie.
Love, Linda

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  1. I missed your last three posts, so I have been interested in catching up. Sounds like you definitely have your hands full with Duke. He has a precious face, almost as precious as Sunny's!
    I love the festive bows on your chicken wire barricade! Good luck! I shall stay tuned for further updates!