Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Settling In

The night was uneventful. Sunny and I were TIRED! Duke slept in his bed, with occasional waking to scratch his ears, lick his privates, come over to see if I wanted any kisses, then back to bed.

He woke us all promptly at 8:30 a.m. (8:30!!!!!), indicating immediate, impending starvation, so we had breakfast. While eating toast, I again felt that penetrating, gimlet stare. I attempted to ignore this, but then he started to slowly drooooooool. I refuse to give in to this intimidation! REFUSE!! I can see I will be taking all my meals shut in the bathroom.

We discovered another "quirk" - he prefers human company while out to potty. After he has been out about 5 minutes, if not joined by mommy, he points nose to the sky and starts that  abandoned dog/lost soul howling. It certainly brings me in a hurry, so is very effective! I called my neighbor and explained that I wasn't torturing animals over here.

One small tussle over a sheet of aluminum foil - made my teeth hurt to see him crunching on it - ugh! He traded nicely for a dog cookie. (Is he training ME????)

Some photos from yesterday . . .
Doesn't seem like a bad place.
Hmmm, what's this? Oregano? Let me try some.
Geez, what just blew by???
I think the trash can WAS here!
Moooom! He found the trash can!
Do, do, do, lookin' out mah back door.
If she doesn't want it, guess I don't want it either . . .

He has found a favorite pee place - an upturned (handmade Italian) flower pot.
Gentleman Duke has class.
Sunny has been quite friendly - flirting, walking on her tiptoes, and slowly swishing her tail.
Much less barking today!!!
No accidents in the house!!!
 (And with the size of this guy, we certainly do not want accidents!!)
The woodpile is covered, the kitchen counters (and sink) are bare.
The candy dish has been removed from the table.

But I had to eat my dinner sitting on the edge of my tub . . .

More tomorrow.
Love, Linda

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  1. Love it! Aluminum foil hurts my teeth too. And I think he is training you...goes with the territory doesn't it. Gotta love'em

    - Lori Blatt (LB)