Friday, December 14, 2012

Duke Here. . .

Hi, Duke here. Mom is sleeping again.
I don't know why she is so tired since I got here.
She says I'm a "handful" - I guess that's a good thing.
We did have one "Oh Oh" this morning. I was shredding a newspaper
while she was starting a fire, and she reached over and grabbed it right out
of my mouth! Without even trading! I hardly had time to do all the
 warning signals, but I managed it. Stare, Stiff, Growl,
 but then I snapped at her. Oops!!
 I was sorry afterwards. She was too, so we both
apologized. I'm trying to be good, but everybody has
to do things the same way all the time, then I'll know what
to expect. We cuddled on the sofa later, so I hope it's OK
now. Lets see, what else did I do today . . .
There's a bunch of noisy men outside with buzzy things cutting up a big
tree, so I had to keep barking for the longest time. I got
pretty tired, but I know that's one of my jobs. I have a lot of
them. I made a big poop outside and one of the men almost stepped
in it. He called me an "elephant." I've never seen one of those.
I got a butter wrapper off the counter and ate it. It was yummy!
I'm being such a gentleman sharing my toys with Sunny.
She just thinks I'm wonderful, actually, she's not bad
looking, but for some reason I'm just not interested in fooling around.
I guess I think of her as a sister. She doesn't want my toys
anyway, she likes the soft stuffie ones.
The food is pretty good here, mom sprinkles a little cheese on top at breakfast,
and for dinner I had a spoonful of Chicken Pot Pie for dogs on top!
I'm trying hard to be good, Love
The Duke

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  1. That last photo with Duke's smiling face is wonderful! Poor ole Duke has so much to do, doesn't he?! Hang in there, everybody!!