Monday, October 31, 2011


I won't be blogging for awhile - the wires leading to my house are buried under a pile of trees and limbs - so I have no electricity and no internet. This is being sent from another location. My three doggies and I braved the storm.

October 30, 2011 The Snowstorm in October.

It is very quiet
The power is off
Snow is falling heavily
I climb out of bed and look out at snow covered piles of broken branches
The trees are bending double
My driveway is blocked
I can’t get out and it will be dark in an hour
No work for me tonight, I make the call
I let the dogs out and feed them
The house is cold, I build a fire in the wood stove
I need more wood
I can hear the tree limbs cracking and crashing as they hit the ground
I move us down to the living room
Blankets on the sofa, warm socks, slippers, my headlamp
A battery radio
The dogs are curling up in front of the stove
Something heavy falls on the roof
It will be dark in half an hour
Still snowing
I go out for wood, down the driveway to the shed
Four trips with the wheeled cart, branches cracking above me
I walk to the end of the drive, and the road is blocked with fallen trees
The wires are almost on the ground.
Limbs, still thick with leaves are lying on the wires
I get the wood into the house
and it’s dark.
I heat water on the stove and make tea
I cook four eggs, one for me and one for each dog, and add cheese
The wood stove cooks very hot
We eat our eggs, listening
The branches are popping and crashing
I add more wood to the fire
The dogs are drowsy and warm
I wake up and the fire is almost out
I build it up again
It has stopped snowing
I listen to the silence
The trees have stopped cracking
I read some poetry, I can almost hear it speaking aloud in my head
Marley barks at something
I call the power company again
A recording
No snowplow
It’s very warm and cozy, Sunny snores
More wood on the fire
My computer battery is almost gone
The news says the turnpike is blocked
Route 309 is blocked
We are urged not to drive
I have ten feet of driving space
I won’t drive
I will drink tea
I will keep the fire burning

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tea Party for the Solitary Witch

Linking with
Frosted Petunias
Greetings of the Season

I am beginning to remember
the silver sword, nine times nine,
the quiet cold before the dew.
Sage, to quiet the mind.
Lilies are sacred to Diana.
Crescent heavy on my forehead,
wisdom in the flames,
my roots within the oak.
The shining thirteen
singing in the night,
the power rising.
Luminous Blessings, Linda

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Reality Shot #5

Hi Friends, 
Once again linking with
 Mockingbird HillCottage
where we move slightly left, right, up or down from our carefully staged photos and show REALITY!
Here we see a shabby shelf in my bedroom with artfully arranged shells . . .
But moving slightly to the south . . .
Oh dear! We have dark chocolate Reece's pieces, basket of fabric for Shabby Stars, bags of lace, tissues, lavender candle, dog nail clippers and dog treats.
I just started laughing when I became aware of this mess, and thought "Well, there's my Reality Shot for this week!
It looks better now! Love, Linda

Sunday, October 23, 2011

For those early birds . . .

I'm blatantly sharing some of my Christmas offerings:
Christmas baby bonnet:
Shabby Stars:
Little Girl Clothes:
and Teddies!
This commercial moment has been brought to you by Sunny, who Always Wants More Cookies.
"I'm am NOT fat, just fluffy!!"
Have a great week, Love, Linda

Friday, October 21, 2011

Reality Strikes Again!

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 Mockingbird HillCottage
My house came with a greenhouse attached to the back of the house, as well as some (huge) tropical plants. The house also came with Ben (who lives nearby, hacks back the underbrush, piles firewood and carries plants out for the summer and in for the winter. After heating the greenhouse last winter, I had a jaw-dropping moment (hour, week!) when receiving my final heating bill for the season.
The result is that I have decided not to heat the greenhouse this winter (just enough to keep the pipes from freezing), Sooooo . . . all the plants are now in with me. Thus, this weeks Reality Shot:
Um, yes. there is now a jungle in my dining room/studio.
Banana plants trying to crawl out the skylights.
And every available window is crammed with plants!
Maybe I should just decorate them  . . . a Christmas tree seems rather redundant.
Love, Linda

Monday, October 17, 2011

Preparing for Hibernation

The leaves are turning and winter is coming. Are you beginning to think thoughts of a crackling fire, a cozy quilt on a comfy chair, a good book to read?  Flannel sheets? A hearty soup or stew?
Long ago, when we were hunter-gatherers, we woke and went to bed with the sun. As the days grew shorter and the nights longer, we stored food, firewood, and other items to carry us through the long cold season. We learned that there was a danger of starvation if we were not prepared. The tribe or village worked together, and when the winter began, retreated to the caves and gathered around the fire. Maybe we made tools and told stories, and we certainly slept more, as we waited for the days to lengthen.
Now, we walk into a room and flick a switch to warm or cool ourselves - instantly we create a temperate climate. We have electric lights, so we can work or play whenever we want to. We can buy strawberries and other seasonal fruits year-round. We don't slow down for winter as our ancestors did, instead, we keep up our normal year-round pace. We worry about gaining a few pounds during the winter, while our bodies want to add insurance against starvation. We fight the "winter doldrums."
Maybe we are going about this the wrong way. How would it be if we listened to our bodies, slowed down and "hibernated" for the winter.  Maybe bake some bread, simmer some soup or have a family game night with a fire in the woodstove. Maybe eat grains, root vegetables and wear fuzzy slippers. Cut down on our social schedules, stay home, and light some candles. Enjoy the slower pace of winter.
Before you know it, the days will get longer, the nights shorter, green buds will appear on the trees, and you will start to think about what to plant in the garden.

Here's to an enjoyable fall!
Love, Linda

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Reality Shot and New Stuff!

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Mockingbird HillCottage
First: The photo for my Etsy listing:
A twirly top for little girls.
Moving the camera to the left is the Reality Shot:
See the dress (stuck to the wall with tape) on the right?
I take the picture down to use the wall space. Also sideboard clutter.
Next is one of my Shabby Star Christmas ornaments:
and moving the camera to the left:
The house plant that I stick the hanging branch into.
Here's another ornament:
(I just noticed the hair on the lens . . . listing is already up. Arrrrrgh)
A brave Thursday to all.
Love, Linda

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I'm in the middle of three 12 hour shifts. Hence: Dog photos!

 Sunny and Cassie - golden girls
Marley (Davidson)
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Love, Linda