Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tea Party for the Solitary Witch

Linking with
Frosted Petunias
Greetings of the Season

I am beginning to remember
the silver sword, nine times nine,
the quiet cold before the dew.
Sage, to quiet the mind.
Lilies are sacred to Diana.
Crescent heavy on my forehead,
wisdom in the flames,
my roots within the oak.
The shining thirteen
singing in the night,
the power rising.
Luminous Blessings, Linda


  1. Beautiful party! I love your centerpiece, and the teapot is exquisite. The poem is lovely. I am wondering who the author is?

    Have a magical Halloween!

  2. The poem is so hauntingly lovely. I very much enjoyed my visit here and hope you can stop by my enchanted oven for a visit. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. what a wonderful post and party.thank you for sharing.


  4. Oh my goodness. I loved this post. Very very nice party. I loved your photos. Thank you for sharing. Please visit me:

  5. Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Halloween!

  6. What an enchanting tea party.....thank you for having me over....

  7. What a beautiful post and gorgeous photos! I had a delightful tea time with you and you have been a most wonderful hostess! Thank you for inviting me and please do stop over for a spot of tea with me too!
    Have a lovely evening,

  8. Salutations, your Party & Creations are Enchanting. Your PICs & Poem are Bewitching.

    This is my favorite time of year when magic is in the air & beautiful black cats are every where. Please fly by my Halloween Party when you can...

    Hauntingly Yours,
    Lyndy & All My Black Cat Familiars

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  9. hope you have a great Halloween. My daughter and her boyfriend travelled on the London underground yesterday, on their way to a party dressed as a witch and a zombie!!