Thursday, October 6, 2011

Reality Shot Thursday and New Bears for Christmas

First of all, I am again (bravely) linking with:
Today's gem is . . .
My beautiful terrace! (Which is covered with leaves, several house plants have been moved inside and furniture and flower pots are ready to be stored.)
Cooler ready to be put . . . somewhere, hose,
 gates waiting to be painted, more leaves.
It gives me a headache to look at it, so lets move on . . .

Two new bears are ready for adoption in my Etsy store.
 One is a white mohair bear:
She is 15 inches tall with a lace collar. What a face!
I love making big noses!
The other one I call Fuzzy face. This one isn't mohair, but is a special fur for bear makers with gold tips (the fur, not the bear maker).
Have a creative day! Love, Linda


  1. Great terrace shots. It's amazing, isn't it, how things get away from us so quickly.

    Beautiful teddy bears!

  2. Funny, this looks like my house! Everywhere I look, I see wet leaves. Love this reality shot! And, of course, the reality is that at some point the leaves will have to be raked!

    Thanks so much for joining the party!


  3. Maybe you can train the bears to rake for you, lol!! They are too adorable.

    Yes, reality shots from the great American backyard will soon be prevalent - at least in the ones where the beautiful trees are deciduous and decide to rain down on us at this time of year. We spend hours a day, for what seems like several weeks raking, bagging and hefting - it just becomes endless.

    Great shots - love your terrace and the woods beyond.


  4. Adore your bears! Each one immediately takes on its own personality with their unique faces. I collected bears growing up and always purchased the annual "bear' calendar. Wondering if they still make those now.

  5. Oh my goodness..your bears are adorable! I love the look of your terrace....autumn leaves make me smile. oxxoxo Hugs

  6. so many back yard is a little like that too. Will you get a lot of snow over the winter?

  7. Oh my goodness, your bears are precious. I just love teddy bears...and that golden hair one is just the sweetest thing...I don't even see your yard...just your bears!!

  8. Your terrace resembles my deck. I get tired of cleaning up outside at this time of year when it's likely to be rainy, windy or both.

    Sweet, sweet bears!

  9. Looks like a wonderful terrace!
    Precious bears!

  10. Hi Linda, I love your reality shot, if only I could have some leaves falling from the trees here in Florida. Love your bears, so cute. Wonderful job.
    Happy Friday,

  11. Cleaning up the garden & terraces during autumn is a full time job for many of us.
    Your's doesn't look that bad.
    I'd rather be inside, creating beautiful bears if I was you, too.