Monday, October 17, 2011

Preparing for Hibernation

The leaves are turning and winter is coming. Are you beginning to think thoughts of a crackling fire, a cozy quilt on a comfy chair, a good book to read?  Flannel sheets? A hearty soup or stew?
Long ago, when we were hunter-gatherers, we woke and went to bed with the sun. As the days grew shorter and the nights longer, we stored food, firewood, and other items to carry us through the long cold season. We learned that there was a danger of starvation if we were not prepared. The tribe or village worked together, and when the winter began, retreated to the caves and gathered around the fire. Maybe we made tools and told stories, and we certainly slept more, as we waited for the days to lengthen.
Now, we walk into a room and flick a switch to warm or cool ourselves - instantly we create a temperate climate. We have electric lights, so we can work or play whenever we want to. We can buy strawberries and other seasonal fruits year-round. We don't slow down for winter as our ancestors did, instead, we keep up our normal year-round pace. We worry about gaining a few pounds during the winter, while our bodies want to add insurance against starvation. We fight the "winter doldrums."
Maybe we are going about this the wrong way. How would it be if we listened to our bodies, slowed down and "hibernated" for the winter.  Maybe bake some bread, simmer some soup or have a family game night with a fire in the woodstove. Maybe eat grains, root vegetables and wear fuzzy slippers. Cut down on our social schedules, stay home, and light some candles. Enjoy the slower pace of winter.
Before you know it, the days will get longer, the nights shorter, green buds will appear on the trees, and you will start to think about what to plant in the garden.

Here's to an enjoyable fall!
Love, Linda


  1. YIPPEE for fall!!

    So glad you came over to my Blog for a visit!!

    I am following you now too!


  2. You are a woman after my own heart!!! I LOVE to hibernate for the winter....I slow down....and sleep more....I eat lots of soup and snuggle under blankets. I don't have a fireplace so I miss out on that....very sad....because I love a cozy fire. I sent you and email about trading tins....maybe we could use hibernation as our theme!

  3. Hi Linda..yay..fabulous! Beautiful heartfelt post! Gorgeous photos and wonderful insights! I am a follower of the seasons and harmonizing with each of them..looking forward to my winter sleep!
    Enjoy the season and the turn to the next!

  4. Linda, I feel the same way about autumn and winter!

    I actually thought of you on the way over to the vet. Thanks...and I know your 3 are waiting for you at the Bridge.

    I really appreciate your sympathy on the loss of my Belle.



  5. I'm with you, Linda and ready to enjoy fall. So happy it's finally a bit cool here tonight.

    Happy you enjoyed the soup recipe, it is so good... been making it for years and years.

  6. The colours here are stunning as your pretty images. Hugs