Thursday, October 27, 2011

Reality Shot #5

Hi Friends, 
Once again linking with
 Mockingbird HillCottage
where we move slightly left, right, up or down from our carefully staged photos and show REALITY!
Here we see a shabby shelf in my bedroom with artfully arranged shells . . .
But moving slightly to the south . . .
Oh dear! We have dark chocolate Reece's pieces, basket of fabric for Shabby Stars, bags of lace, tissues, lavender candle, dog nail clippers and dog treats.
I just started laughing when I became aware of this mess, and thought "Well, there's my Reality Shot for this week!
It looks better now! Love, Linda


  1. Fabulous shot! You made me laugh. It's amazing how we can visually tune out that stuff, isn't it?

    Thanks so much for taking part.


  2. That is a lot like what my side table looks like- it always seems to have some project on it :) Great pictures- I love your shells:)

  3. Great shot for RST, what the eye doesn't see the heart doesn't grieve over!

  4. Lovely reality! I like the way you revealed the "slight" clutter under the shell perfection! Ann

  5. Love the first shot - and then pulling back for the rest of the scene.
    - Joy

  6. LOL. Thank goodness for cropping! Don't ya love it when you think you have cropped everything out while taking the pic, but then when it comes up on the screen you see something you missed? (not that that ever happens to me - I'm just sayin)