Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Reality Shot and New Stuff!

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First: The photo for my Etsy listing:
A twirly top for little girls.
Moving the camera to the left is the Reality Shot:
See the dress (stuck to the wall with tape) on the right?
I take the picture down to use the wall space. Also sideboard clutter.
Next is one of my Shabby Star Christmas ornaments:
and moving the camera to the left:
The house plant that I stick the hanging branch into.
Here's another ornament:
(I just noticed the hair on the lens . . . listing is already up. Arrrrrgh)
A brave Thursday to all.
Love, Linda


  1. Great behind the scenes shots of your etsy photoshoot.
    Very clever to stick the dress on the wall and branches in a plant pot!

  2. hhahah you see Linda I love that you are so 'normal' I love that you do 'normal' things. I always get so worked up at how my stuff will LOOK and see you use props like I do and your stuff is beautiful and your pictures are beautiful even with the hair there is hope for me. I love your stars they are so pretty.

  3. You have ingenious ways of shooting your photos, Linda! The lengths we will go to to get the perfect shot! I love this look behind the scenes. Thanks so much for joining us!


  4. I never would have thought to hang the dress on the wall to take a picture. Your genius outweighs any desk clutter or other reality! Ann

  5. The dress is adorable. Love the stars Linda - even prettier than real ones! You know how to turn a display into creative looking reality - even a clutter of linens and fabrics are beautiful art of a special kind.

    Happy Reality Thursday.


  6. Clever ways to get clear shots. I'm always moving stuff around to get a plain background.
    - Joy

  7. Linda, thankyou for your kind words on my's always lovely to meet new friends. Your crafts are just beautiful...I love the little girl's dress - so pretty. Enjoy your weekend, my new friend x

  8. beautiful work, so pretty and delicate...