Saturday, December 29, 2012

Longwood Gardens Dec 24

Yes, I know this is backwards, I've already posted the Christmas post
but one can always look at beautiful gardens, right??
One of our traditions is Christmas Eve at Longwood,
where we tour the conservatories, sing along to the 
pipe organ Christmas carols, and enjoy the millions of lights
decorating the trees.
Longwood used to be the Dupont Estate - it's located in
Kennet Square, PA, near Delaware.

This year's group, Jules and Diane, on either side,
my daughter Aimee and I in the middle.
The first conservatory was all white this year. Breathtaking!

Can you smell these??
Every time I come to Longwood, I just keep taking deep breaths.
I just can't leave anything alone.
On to the main display!
A banquet table surrounded by water.
The ballroom. You can see the organ console in the corner.
The pipes take up a room the same size behind
 the wall to the right. The panels are fabric.

There are many other rooms and displays.
Aimee is listening to a lily!
Outside, it's starting to get dark and the lights are coming on.
And starting to snow!
Thanks for coming along!
Love, Linda

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

It's Christmas at the House of Beautiful Dogs!

A rare photo of Sunny and Duke together, usually I get one, but the other
dog is a blur!
Kongs stuffed with peanut butter!
Duke with Aunt Aimee.
Duke was banished from the unwrapping, because he jumps
right in and shreds everything.
He whined and howled!
Then he helped with breakfast.
Guard those plates, folks!
Sunny is in the Christmas spirit.
Duke prefers his natural handsomeness.
Hope everyone had a great Christmas!
Love, Linda

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like . . .

Decorated tree . . . check!
Christmas Collars . . . check!
Sunny is half asleep, she was napping.
Christmas Carols on . . . check!
I love taking close up pics because I really overcrowd my tree.
Reindeer antlers . . . check!
What a GOOD Sunny! (The other one on the right
 is having nothing to do with the antlers.)
Note the Grinchy look.
He won't give me back my gardening glove!
Hope your holiday preparations are going smoothly.
Love, Linda

Friday, December 14, 2012

Duke Here. . .

Hi, Duke here. Mom is sleeping again.
I don't know why she is so tired since I got here.
She says I'm a "handful" - I guess that's a good thing.
We did have one "Oh Oh" this morning. I was shredding a newspaper
while she was starting a fire, and she reached over and grabbed it right out
of my mouth! Without even trading! I hardly had time to do all the
 warning signals, but I managed it. Stare, Stiff, Growl,
 but then I snapped at her. Oops!!
 I was sorry afterwards. She was too, so we both
apologized. I'm trying to be good, but everybody has
to do things the same way all the time, then I'll know what
to expect. We cuddled on the sofa later, so I hope it's OK
now. Lets see, what else did I do today . . .
There's a bunch of noisy men outside with buzzy things cutting up a big
tree, so I had to keep barking for the longest time. I got
pretty tired, but I know that's one of my jobs. I have a lot of
them. I made a big poop outside and one of the men almost stepped
in it. He called me an "elephant." I've never seen one of those.
I got a butter wrapper off the counter and ate it. It was yummy!
I'm being such a gentleman sharing my toys with Sunny.
She just thinks I'm wonderful, actually, she's not bad
looking, but for some reason I'm just not interested in fooling around.
I guess I think of her as a sister. She doesn't want my toys
anyway, she likes the soft stuffie ones.
The food is pretty good here, mom sprinkles a little cheese on top at breakfast,
and for dinner I had a spoonful of Chicken Pot Pie for dogs on top!
I'm trying hard to be good, Love
The Duke

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Day Three

I had Christmas lunch today with three friends, so this was the first test for Duke being
Alone in the House
well, Sunny was there, but since Duke howls when I take a shower . . .

When I came home . . . the house was intact!
No pee or poop in the house!
But Oh My, he was glad to see me!!!!
First, he washed both of my hands, then 1 leg up to my knee, then started on my right arm. Then, he brought me one of my shoes.
Now, he his leaning heavily against my leg, rooting for petting, and this is over two hours later! Heavy, anxious panting as well.
I was only gone for about 5 hours.
 (Above is the stairs wrapped with chicken wire, until he can go up and down while going around at the same time. Looks pretty festive!

Some photos of Barking with Sunny:
A bit blurred, with the frantic wagging.
Woo woo woo!
 This is MY bed! AND MY pillow!
Letting sleeping dogs lie.
Love, Linda

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Settling In

The night was uneventful. Sunny and I were TIRED! Duke slept in his bed, with occasional waking to scratch his ears, lick his privates, come over to see if I wanted any kisses, then back to bed.

He woke us all promptly at 8:30 a.m. (8:30!!!!!), indicating immediate, impending starvation, so we had breakfast. While eating toast, I again felt that penetrating, gimlet stare. I attempted to ignore this, but then he started to slowly drooooooool. I refuse to give in to this intimidation! REFUSE!! I can see I will be taking all my meals shut in the bathroom.

We discovered another "quirk" - he prefers human company while out to potty. After he has been out about 5 minutes, if not joined by mommy, he points nose to the sky and starts that  abandoned dog/lost soul howling. It certainly brings me in a hurry, so is very effective! I called my neighbor and explained that I wasn't torturing animals over here.

One small tussle over a sheet of aluminum foil - made my teeth hurt to see him crunching on it - ugh! He traded nicely for a dog cookie. (Is he training ME????)

Some photos from yesterday . . .
Doesn't seem like a bad place.
Hmmm, what's this? Oregano? Let me try some.
Geez, what just blew by???
I think the trash can WAS here!
Moooom! He found the trash can!
Do, do, do, lookin' out mah back door.
If she doesn't want it, guess I don't want it either . . .

He has found a favorite pee place - an upturned (handmade Italian) flower pot.
Gentleman Duke has class.
Sunny has been quite friendly - flirting, walking on her tiptoes, and slowly swishing her tail.
Much less barking today!!!
No accidents in the house!!!
 (And with the size of this guy, we certainly do not want accidents!!)
The woodpile is covered, the kitchen counters (and sink) are bare.
The candy dish has been removed from the table.

But I had to eat my dinner sitting on the edge of my tub . . .

More tomorrow.
Love, Linda