Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pondering Peas

I have never shelled peas.
I remember my Aunt Olive sitting on the back porch with a big bowl of pea pods to open and a paper bag for the empty shells. I couldn't figure why somebody would go to all the trouble when you could pick up a package
 of frozen peas at the store.
My mom was a 1950's housewife and loved all the modern conveniences. She picked up her peas at the store
 - it gave her more time to iron my father's underwear.
So on the way home from doing canine massage at the golden retriever rescue I saw a sign for fresh-picked strawberries. During strawberry season I eat enough strawberries to turn into one. Strawberry shortcake, strawberry jam making, and mountains of fresh strawberries.
While stocking up, I noticed fresh peas (in their pods)
 and bought a bag to experiment with.
I took them outside to take the shells off. It took a bit of figuring out - the peas inside were light green. The sun was warm, with a slight breeze,
 the dogs were lying beside me - not like work at all . . .
I pictured the farm wives of yesterday sitting on the porch after
 a hard day of work - shelling the peas they had picked that morning.

Sunny helped, but she wasn't interested in trying one.
A lot of pods yielded enough peas for supper. One supper!
Now, how to cook my precious peas!!??
I could boil them or steam them, but I decided that these peas
 deserved a quick saute.
Olive oil, a touch of butter and some fresh minced onions.
 I added the peas and they turned bright green!
A sprinkle of sea salt and they were done!
They were wonderful!
I'm getting more tomorrow!
And strawberries for dessert.
So, this week, try shelling some peas!
Love, Linda


  1. As a child of the late 40s, I had a Mom and Grandmom who remembered the Depression and still bought fresh from the farmer who came down the alley once a week. I have fond memories of sitting on the front "stoop" with my Grandmom, shelling peas. And the taste..... nothing to compare. Your idea looks wonderful. I will have to try it. I could make a meal of beautiful green peas with maybe a little ham, or a few slices of turkey bacon - hmm, maybe crumbled in the sauteed peas! I also like them raw in a salad. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Shelled peas are a favorite of mine. The problem is, I shell and eat them as I pick them. I love them raw, just to snack or in salads. My strawberries are just starting to turn--can't wait.
    I have been remiss in my visiting of late (lots of "life" stuff going on). You are still in my Google reader (my Google friends went away as I am on Typepad), but your blog is not updating for some reason--just wanted to let you know.

    BB soon!

  3. Oh yum! That looks so good. I've never tried peas sauteed this way. I may just have to go shell some peas myself. Wanna come help? :)

    I loved your comment about your mother loving "modern conveniences" that "it gave her more time to iron my father's underwear." hahaha...too funny!

    Thanks for stopping by and reading my Paris Post the other day.

    Heidi (hi-d's place)

  4. It all looks so delicious! Shelling peas has always been a thing in my life. Here in Texas, we like the black eyed pea. Summer days on the porch with Grandma and Aunts, shelling peas when I was, I raise my own garden of them.

  5. Now you know why they go to all the trouble of shelling them!
    I tried growing them but the bunnies ate every last pea plant!
    Have a sweet summer!
    Linda @ Grandmalay's Daydreams

  6. oh my gosh I cracked up at the part about how your "mom picked up her peas at the store- it gave her more time to iron my father's underwear". My DH and I always joke about how our moms would iron dads hankies...and the sheets and everything else in sight. Thank goodness that nobody cares about wrinkles in those things now.

  7. Yummy fresh peas! They are a great snack raw too ♥

  8. I had to comment on the peas. Mom and godmother would sit together to do this. We love fresh veggies and eat them every day, no frozen or canned for us. Great post. Smiles...Lu