Sunday, June 10, 2012

Christening Dress

I'm so pleased to join Anita's Paris Party, even if I couldn't figure out how to get her badge!
I have been doing French Handsewing for about 15 years -
 now it's French Handsewing "by machine."
About six years ago, I made this baptism dress for one of my friends.
I've been asked to show some photos and thought it would be fun if I showed some of the process as well, so after much digging in the "archives,"
here it is. The third baby boy is being baptized in it on Father's day, and I just embroidered his name and dates on the slip and pressed the beast - takes an hour and a half!
First, a pile of laces from Martha Pullen Co.
and more . . .
and more . . .
The fabric is French batiste.
Many yards of it!
Lace to insertion to entredeux to fabric . . . with embroidery on the yoke, and front band.
All French seams and endless gathering!
Slip and bonnet. Now the photos I took last week:
The names, birth and baptism dates of each baby are embroidered on the slip - 3 boys so far. We need some pink ones!
the bonnet:
I had so much fun making this!
Have a great week, Love, Linda



    Oh how lovely this is. This is also a wonderful display of how FRENCH art has woven its way into the many traditions and art forms that we as Americans invest our time into! Now I have no idea about that NO REPLY thing....I am technologically, CHALLENGED..teehee....but when trying to copy my link, CHECK TO SEE if in the copying and pasting process that you have not added an EXTRA www. That has happened to me many times. Otherwise, no worries. Hopefully people will come to you via my list.

    You do beautiful work my dear !!! HAVE FUN and visit the others as well if you have time! Anita

  2. Thanks! This art actually was called French Handsewing and everything was sewed totally by hand - and still is! Now you can buy books on French Sewing by machine, which is what I do. I'm excited to visit everybody this week. Thanks for hosting!

  3. That is Beautiful! That very careful, heirloom sewing is can frame it. Sans infant. Love it. I can to you late, in Anita's party..Come by if you can. My post is on Monday. Merci, Mary

  4. So nice to meet you Linda.. i am here via dear Anita's Paris Party. Your workmanship is outstanding! What a beautiful blog you have. I am now following along. I have also visited your Etsy shop. You are a very talented woman..
    Wishing you a beautiful week.

  5. Hi Linda,
    Great to meet you in Paris! You asked about books with more Paris mysteries. I found it quite difficult to find anything mysterious about Paris at all, it seems almost devoid of spooks! I garnered the few bits of information through web based research. I am sure there is more but it doesn't appear that anyone has collated the information into a book. I know there are mysteries surrounding Notre Dame also. If you google London mysteries there are dozens, not so with Paris. Have fun looking and if I come across anything I will let you know.

    All the best and now following. Love your needlework, you are extremely talented :-)

  6. Woww that dress is like a dream !! beautiful done !! from for your visit !

  7. Bonjour Linda!
    Thank you so much for coming around to Anita's paris Party! I am smitten with your French handsewing!! I actually took a class in it during the '80s and made a tiny doll's dress and a bonnet for my baby. Then I never did it again! More's the pity! Your Baptismal dress is beyond exquisite!! What a lucky family you have.
    Blessings and Amitiés,

  8. Oh wow Linda, what an amazing christening gown! What an heirloom to keep for generations. I sew, but mostly on machine and nothing as beautiful as this - have a wonderful weekend!

  9. that is a work of art! I am in awe, what a treasure. I love how the names of each new family member who uses it are added to the slip.