Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Needling

The house painting is ongoing.
In the meantime, I have a new small section of my cloth
to show off.
I made tucks in cheesecloth, backed them with plain cotton, and cut squares in some of them. I put pieces of lace and stuff inside the squares.
Old lace, gathered cotton with French knots, web stitches.
Incorporating old tatting, needle wrapping, More French Knots!
Hope you are having a great week, Love, Linda


  1. Hi Linda! I am finalizing the Paris Link Party list and I am just verifying that you are still participating! I do not see my button here, so I am not sure if you still are. Let me know! Anita

  2. Linda, this is stunning. There is so much to feast on, texture, stitch. It is wonderful!!

  3. Linda dearest, are you not participating after all in the Paris link party that started yesterday? Let me know so I can either keep you or take you off the list.....Anita

  4. how lovely! your work is so pretty ❤