Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trip to Michigan and Indiana

Off to Battle Creek to visit my father, then to Indianapolis to visit my sister:
Driving north on the PA turnpike. I love the Pennsylvania mountains.
Tunnel under the mountain. I keep thinking how many tons of rocks and dirt are over my head!
On route 80 driving west for 11 hours, then turn right onto 69, and on to Michigan. My dad is 83. He had the flu which turned into pneumonia, complicated by Parkinsons disease and the dementia associated with it. He is in a rehab after leaving the hospital and headed for a nursing home. He knew me on Friday night, but the next day was not a good day for him. He isn't interested in participating in physical therapy and wants to sleep all the time. He tossed a beach ball to me, but quickly lost interest. In the afternoon, Dottie, his second wife and I toured a nursing home. She is upset because she can no longer care for him at home. The nursing home was beautiful, but . . . not home.
A Michigan sunset.
Dottie developed a nosebleed that lasted for six hours, and she finally agreed to let me take her to the ER. It took them three hours to stop the nosebleed. Her blood pressure was elevated and she is on Plavix. It finally stopped and we went through all my dad's papers that evening. The next morning he only wanted to sleep and was not interesting in communicating, so I set off for Indianapolis to my sister Mary's house.
Of course it was raining!
Clearing up. My mood is improving as well.
Wow! Is this flat or what?!? I don't especially care for flat. I always feel like something is going to reach down and grab me and carry me away!
Arrived at Mary's house. This is Sadie Rose.
This is Katy. She was my mom's cat and she is ancient, but still does very well, thank you!! Mary and I power-shop when I visit. Antique malls. Flea markets. Home Goods. We have it all planned.
On our way downtown to the Midland Antique Market!!
The Indianapolis Indian is gone - for restoration.
We were sidetracked by this adorable little neighborhood, a couple blocks from the center of the city. All little restored cottages and restored Victorian mansions - and cobblestone streets!
Oliver Wendell Holme's restored mansion is here and right across the street was a little cottage for sale called the Watch House. We did some dreaming.
Then back to antique hunting!

Lunch, along with a Mountain Dew - and a hand-held fan for hormonal women!
Treasures, treasures!!
Home with our loot! I bought a white porcelain compote topped with white porcelain fruit, made in Italy. Mary found an iron table with a glass top but needs to measure. She barely missed a white iron patio table and chairs for $69!!Just as she spied it, a woman - in a cast - hobbled over and sat on it - "I got it first!"
Then home. Mary's entire house is shabby cottage. I'll share photos of her home next post.
Have a wonderful day, Love Linda


  1. What a lovely trip...such JOY! I love that countryside and your lunch..now that is my kinda lunch!

    Thank you for visiting me the other day...your blog is lovely. xoox

  2. Wow! Sadie & Katy's photos made your blog! Had a great time shopping & hanging out with you this year! Ready to do it again...as soon as my checking account recovers! I enjoy your blog...keep it up! Love you, Your Sis

  3. the scenery is beautiful Linda. I hope your father improves soon, it must be such a worry for you and especially as he is so far away. You were talking about your 11 hour drive!!! I get stressed with a 4 hour drive!! and just so you know...I have cobblestones in my street, very pretty yes...but a nightmare to walk on!