Friday, June 3, 2011

Mary's Shabby Cottage Home

I promised last time to share photos of my sister's house. Actually, this is an apartment if you can believe it!
She collects teapots and rose china, especially Prussia and European stuff.
Rose painting on an old door.
Hall cabinet - stuffed with lotions, scented soap, and rose patterned linens.

This room is sage, cream and pink. She has pink and green
rose patterned china in here.
Roses, roses, roses!
Two of the grandkids. Sydney on the left, Shae on the right.
 Painted white, prisms added.
Shabby kitchen.
Back to shopping!
We indulged in grilled-cheese sandwiches and root beer floats - served in the tall "train glasses" from our childhood.
We got a hanging basket for her patio, I got some great fabric, discovered lots of new shops for next time!
Driving home on the PA turnpike. The hills of home again!
Bye bye Sadie-Boo!
Wow, were my dogs ever glad to see me!
Love, Linda


  1. Hi Linda, WOW!! I am in love with your sister's beautiful home....all those Gorgeous rose dishes!! I could look at these pictures ALL DAY, lol :) But, I've got laundry to finish up :) Have a great weekend!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  2. what a stunningly beautiful house!! and that cupboard!! I would love to rummage through that. as for shaking a stick at french knots, well over here we say that when there is a huge amount of something. Don't ask me why?? Just a quirk we have...(I am sure there is a historical reason that escapes me)