Friday, May 6, 2011

Plumbing Tutorial

Yes, well, this post borders on insanity, BUT now I know how to do this, and who knows . . . you might need it someday.
When they installed the chimney for the wood stove, someone stepped on the water line that runs around the house and brings water to the front so I can water the jungle during the summer.
This is what it looked like:
I tried fixing it with duct tape - I fix a lot of things with duct tape. In this case . . .
It didn't work. 
Excessive leaking and spraying all over the place. So the man from Home Depot showed me what to do. This is what you need:
Purple stuff. Glue. The connector pieces. The pipe. I got a ten foot one. It had to stick out the sun roof on the way home. In this case I was going from the old 3/4" pipe to the 1" pipe because the hose is 1" thick. Teflon tape. A hacksaw. I'm not sure if this is a hacksaw, but I do know it's a saw.
And it worked. I cut off the split, broken end.
The purple stuff is a primer/cleaner. If you ask for purple stuff they will know. Note to self: Wear gloves next time. The purple stuff is disaster for the manicure, because it runs all over the place, You should see my cuticles! They are a purplish-gray. Nice for a nurse.
The purple primer gets spread over all surfaces that get glued together. Let it dry for a minute. Note my purple hands.
After it dries, go over the same surfaces with glue.
The glue is clear. Then put the 3/4 inch connector on the 3/4 inch pipe. At this point discover that the old pipe is not 3/4 but 1/2"  Arrrrrgh! Back to Home Depot for a 1" to 1/2" connector.
Measure! Measure! Measure!
Put the 1/2" connector on the old pipe. Add the 1" connector to the other connector. Add the long 1" pipe that will connect to the hose.

All done!
Do the same thing to the other end that connects to the hose.
The metal part on the end gets connected to the hose.
Any place you have threads, use the Teflon tape. Three turns around and it seals out the water. All done!
Connect the hose. Let everything set overnight. (I cheated and watered everything. It works!)
Love, Linda


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