Monday, February 21, 2011


Gloom we have always with us,
A rank and sturdy weed,
But joy requires tending.
                   -Barbara Holland

We had more snow today, and after a few days of sun and temperatures in the 40s and 50s, tonight it's 11 degrees. Everyone is tired of scraping ice from their cars and skating to and from work.

It's time for a break, to cultivate some joy in the best way you can.

Block off time on your calendar to stay home. Put off as many errands, chores and meetings as you can, or reassign them to other members of your family. Go rapidly through the house and pick up clutter - (pretend that company is coming in 15 minutes) Set a timer and do only what is driving you crazy.

Now . . . what do you want to eat?? Something warm and comforting, like macaroni and cheese? Loaded baked potatoes? Poll the family for the best ideas. If you like cooking, make something fulfilling as a group. If not, get special take-out from a good restaurant. The idea is to treat yourself,

Light a fire if you have a place for one. What should you do? A game? A special movie? A brand new mystery to read? No phone calls please. No Monday evening sitcoms. Something special, something to bring you joy. How about spending the day in bed, piled with good books, all your pets, and a fruit and cheese sampler to enjoy? A walk in the snow, followed by hot buttered popcorn and crisp apples?

Joy requires careful and comprehensive planning. Enjoy your joytime and plan for the next one.

Before you know it, spring will be here!

Have a wonderful day, Love, Linda

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