Saturday, January 12, 2013


I have GOT to get organized!
I don't even know what I've got!
Bags full of scraps!
Oh Dear!
Starting to gather ribbon colors together.
So much fun sorting all these colors (NOT!)
Two days later, I'm getting there . . .
Soon I'll be sewing again - found LOTS if stuff I forgot about!
Love, Linda


  1. WOW!! Now that you're finished there- please come over and organize my desk!! Just don't know where to begin!!
    You've done a wonderful job --- doesn't it feel great to have it all squared away? Especailly finding your long lost projects!! Have fun!

  2. Stash gets like that. My yarn sometimes escapes and needs organizing. In fact, that is happening right now in my yarn room. Yikes. Need to get organized.