Friday, January 25, 2013

Duke here . . .

Hey there! Duke here with an update.
Mom is taking a nap again and I'm looking around for things to do.
I'm so helpful.
I found mommy's tape measure yesterday, it's a little spool thing.
I don't know how she figured out that I had it - it was hidden in my mouth,
but she got a cookie, and I couldn't take it unless I opened my mouth - what a
dilemma! Finally, I opened up just a little and the tape measure fell out!
But I did get the cookie.
Here I am brushing my teeth!
. . . with mommy's toothbrush.
One of my jobs is to guard the house!
So, If I hear anything, I have to bark. The last two days something has
been prowling around at dawn. A cat! It sits and looks at me!
I bark and bark!
Finally, mommy gets up and I jump into her bed. It's toasty.
Sunny gets in too! She never got on the bed before, I'm teaching her
lots of new things. We like each other!
I really have so much to do around here, that I'm pretty tired
at the end of the day. Mommy thinks I have
"calmed down" a lot.
Love, The Duke


  1. Now, Duke, what were you trying to measure? Good thing you like biscuits...they taste much better than measuring tape!! You better listen to Sunny when it comes to being a good dog!

  2. Oh I just have to LAUGH! You are too sweet for words, and so is Sunny... Now remember, you must set a good example for Sunny, so watch your step... My best to mom.
    Loved this post!

  3. Wonderful!!! So glad your doggie wanted to brush her teeth! Fun and made me smile. You and the puppies have a new follower! So happy to find your from the GYB party.

  4. darling! Goldens are such great dogs.

  5. Love your dogs!! Joining you on the GYB party!

  6. I just want to give those beautiful faces a big kiss.

  7. Hi Linda,

    Oh, this is so sweet and adorable! I hope Sunny and Duke leave a little room in bed for you too. Please give them both kisses from me :-)

  8. Good evening Linda,
    Thank you so much for your visit and kind words.. I really appreciate your kind words.

  9. What sweethearts! I know they keep you on your toes too!

  10. Oh Duke! You are too cute; who could get angry for your "borrowing" those treasures? ;) I had to laugh at the toothbrush though!

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  12. Due is such a cutie and "his" comments are right on target. My 3 dogs sleep with me so the only problem is me, finding a spot on the bed. While I'm getting my nightgown on, etc., they jump onto the bed and look at me like, "WHAT?!"

  13. now we know who rules the roost in your house!!!

  14. Thx for visitng my blog. Love the house, the dogs, the aprons, your good works. Vintage china is my weakness especially with roses.

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  16. Great that the two are getting along together!! Looks like they have been buds forever :-}}