Monday, January 30, 2012

Cross Stitch and . . . News!!

Here is my attempt at counted cross stitch. I have an old Dover book of monograms, so I did a couple of  L s - two different designs. I added a crown next to the smaller L. I love crowns!
 There will be a few more added to this piece.
Next, I will try some applicae and cutwork.

My big news. (Trumpets!) I have been published in apronology!!!!!!!!!
Last summer, I sent an apron for consideration and a couple of months ago I received word that it was to be published, as well as my story.
 On newsstands on Feb first!!!
(I received my copy this week, and my next post I show you some photos.)
Love, Linda

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

French Knot Frenzy

Continuing on with my online class from Karen.
found here
This week ladies and gentlemen we will add ruching to our piece - here it is tacked down.
I did a few French knots along the edge of the scallop
Maybe a couple of French knots.
I added a piece of old lace along the edge of the square.
and a fragment of tatting along the edge where the ruching curves in . . .
a few more French knots.
Uh oh.
"NOW, what is she doing??"

"More French knots . . . I hope she doesn't forget to feed us!"

Love, Linda

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Contemporary Embroidery Class

Karen Ruane from Comtemporary Embroidery has offered on online course!!! You can find the link here!!
I am making a white on white cloth - here is a photo of the layout of the first block. I'm using several different types of cloth - but all in white.
It's tacked together and I've added a piece of vintage lace at the top right.
 Next, I'm learning a new stitch!
I did the edges. Next I started with French Knots . . .
and got carried away!
More to follow, Love, Linda

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some Aprons

Time for the next project - making a couple of aprons. First, I pile a bunch of linens on the table. Then I start rummaging - and color-matching. This is the fun part and sometimes takes several days. (The dogs don't mind the mess!)
There is something wrong with every one of these pieces - a stain, hole, tear, or worn-out part. That's why I'm "allowed" to cut them. The perfect pieces are used for pillowcase dresses and bonnets.
Starting to color-match fabrics and vintage pieces.
Coming together . . .
All done!
Ready for pressing and some good photos in natural light (unlike these!)
Love, Linda

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Project

So I'm starting out the New Year with a New Project: Shabby Hearts!!
 (to go with my Shabby Stars)
I'm making most of them in sets of two -
Pink and ivory -
Here's a Shabby Star -
What are you working on????
Love, Linda

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Year

Happy New Year to my blogger friends! Making New Year's resolutions is a serious business, and sometimes a scary, challenging, and even discouraging endeavor. Time to stop all that. The last thing we need on these cold, dreary winter days. I'm going to suggest some "out with the old, in with the new" ways to make resolutions.
Old way: "I'm going to lose weight." This is a biggie and pretty much doomed to fail. Our bodies don't want to lose weight in the winter, they want to store weight for hardships ahead. Not our fault - this is cell and DNA deep. 
New way: "I'm going to pay attention to what my body wants to eat." Yes, a little nebulous, and really not a resolution . . . but "I'm going to try two new homemade soups every month," could be. Search out some delicious soup recipes that have good-for-you things in them. Yum. Think of the smell of soup simmering on the stove on a frosty evening.
Old way: I'm going to relax more and have less stress. This is a very wide-range statement. Work? Home? Kids? Figure out what stresses you and decide what would make you feel better. Then set your resolution to do that thing.
New way: "I am not going to volunteer for any fund-raisers until April." "I am going to take one class at a time instead of four." "I am going to stop cleaning my kids' rooms every five minutes, instead I will set a certain amount of time each week and keep the doors closed in between." (This may be a difficult resolution to keep, but you must soldier on - have a glass of wine.)
Old way: "I'm going to finish all these old projects." What a dreary resolution that one is. If you were enjoying the projects, they would be done by now - right??
New way: "I'm going to package up these UFOs and donate them, then buy some new scrap-booking paper, fabric, soft knitting yarn, beads, project books, etc., without guilt." Working on a project you enjoy will make you happy and less stressed (see above). Someone else will be thrilled with your old half-finished project. You will be doing someone a great favor!

I guess the idea is to make resolutions that you will enjoy keeping. There is a huge difference between blending an orange, a grapefruit and a banana with a little yogurt (yum), and throwing a handful of kale into the juicer (bleh!!). My apologies to those who like kale juice.

Happy New Year, Love, Linda