Tuesday, January 24, 2012

French Knot Frenzy

Continuing on with my online class from Karen.
found here
This week ladies and gentlemen we will add ruching to our piece - here it is tacked down.
I did a few French knots along the edge of the scallop
Maybe a couple of French knots.
I added a piece of old lace along the edge of the square.
and a fragment of tatting along the edge where the ruching curves in . . .
a few more French knots.
Uh oh.
"NOW, what is she doing??"

"More French knots . . . I hope she doesn't forget to feed us!"

Love, Linda


  1. Too funny about the dogs!!! I have 3 at my house that are starting to give me the same looks! I get to stitching and look up and hours have passed. I think I am offically obsessed with this class. Nice job on this I love how that bit of tatting peaks out.

  2. I Love that you are now a French Knot addict!! I have a convert to my cult!!! This piece looks amazing, I adore the ruching with the lace and the way it curves and flows....and of course I adore the knots!

  3. So cute! Mommy may be late feeding you...she's having a treat...

  4. Oh my goodness Linda....These are so beautiful. You are amazing. Your doggies are wonderful. I love them both. They are so much fun...

  5. I'm impressed Linda!! Your piece is absolutely stunning! I never could get the hang of french knots...yours are beautiful.

    Your dogs are adorable!

  6. Oh Linda!!! I am absolutely loving it!!!!!

  7. So gorgeous! You are having fun, I can tell. :)