Monday, January 30, 2012

Cross Stitch and . . . News!!

Here is my attempt at counted cross stitch. I have an old Dover book of monograms, so I did a couple of  L s - two different designs. I added a crown next to the smaller L. I love crowns!
 There will be a few more added to this piece.
Next, I will try some applicae and cutwork.

My big news. (Trumpets!) I have been published in apronology!!!!!!!!!
Last summer, I sent an apron for consideration and a couple of months ago I received word that it was to be published, as well as my story.
 On newsstands on Feb first!!!
(I received my copy this week, and my next post I show you some photos.)
Love, Linda


  1. Linda, your L's and crown are gorgeous! This is going to be a stunning piece!

  2. beautiful cross stitch Linda and congratulations!!!