Monday, November 12, 2012

Vaca in NC

In mid-October, I took a week to go to a Harp Conference in Asheville, NC
with my harp teacher and friend, Sarajane. She pioneered Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy in the US, and more can be learned from her website, Planet Harp.
This post, I want to show the beautiful foliage of mid-October in the Smoky Mountains.
I took SO many pictures.
Downtown Asheville is artsy, crafty and a shopper's paradise!
Used book stores, galleries, ceramics, creative clothes and jewelry,
and fun little places to eat. And a great Shoe Outlet!
We had a suite.
So we went to the market and stocked up on necessities like
 Mounds ice cream bars, cookies and shrimp.
And wine.
Sarajane was attending a second conference the following weekend, but in between we had a few days to sightsee.
 Of course we had to visit the Biltmore Estate.
Me on the terrace viewing my (er, the) grounds.
We also visited Looking Glass Mountain, supposed to be the site of a strong magnetic energy vortex.

It was also a sacred place to the native Lenni Lanape tribe.
We drove on a very steep, very narrow road, with amazing drops to the valley. GPS doesn't work at all here.
When we got out of the car, I felt very grounded, almost like I was being pulled into the earth. It was a very calming spot.
We had heard that there were many UFO sightings in the area a few weeks before, so we visited the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute, PARI, to see if they had seen anything.
They have four large radio telescopes, as well as several optical ones.
PARI was part of NASA during the early days of space flight, then part of the Department of Defense, but is now a research and educational facility.
Scary tunnel underground between buildings.
These things are Big!
They hadn't seen any UFOs.
We picked up Ted, Sarajane's husband at the airport, who was arriving for the second conference, and I got on a plane and headed home. Lots of fun.
Love, Linda


  1. Nice to see pictures of Asheville again. We visited there last year, also in mid-October. Did you eat at Tupelo Honey? Didn't know about PARI - my husband would have loved to stop there.

  2. Such a diverse and interesting trip! I love that your necessities included mounds and cookie! Interesting about the vortex. The photos of the foliage are wonderful. What a wonderful vacation!

  3. those are surely your grounds...I won't have anyone saying any different!!

  4. Enjoyed this post. I lived very close to Asheville in '98 and used to go there about twice a month. It's a great place.

  5. Lovely pictures - and what a lovely trip. I've never been to Asheville but this makes me want to go.

    I am enjoying your blog. Found luckily via a web search for beautiful dog houses - and you came up on the first page.

    I will bookmark you and visit often. Thanks...Linda

    PS - Hopefully you will visit my blog and comment also. I am a decorative artist and designer in NY