Friday, November 30, 2012

Apron Memories

Recently our local newspaper "The Morning Call," published an article about aprons. Since I make them for my Etsy shop and was published (!!!!) in apronology magazine last year, I wanted to share some excerpts from the article, entitled "Apron Memories." The aprons pictured are for sale in my shop.

"She wore an apron with a big bow in the back over her dresses every day. (Mammy did not wear pants!) In the summer, she wore her apron to pick the garden vegetables, and she carried the vegetables gathered in her apron. She canned every type of fruit and vegetable that was grown on the farm. She would lift the hot jars out of the canner with the bottom edge of her apron."

"My grandparents raised chickens as part of their farm, and Grammy collected up to 300 eggs per day. I can still see her coming out of the chicken house holding the bottom of her apron full of eggs - sometimes she had as many as three dozen eggs in her apron."

"Most importantly, when she held her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, her aprons wiped many tears, sticky mouths and hands. Sometimes they provided that extra bit of warmth for a newborn."

"Mom used three aprons a day. The morning apron was for cleaning, the afternoon apron was for cooking and baking, and after dinner, the third apron was for visiting with her neighbor. The Sunday apron was always white with some trim."

"My mother had an apron lady from Quakertown who would come about four times a year with a suitcase full of aprons for sale. My mother always bought two or three and they were always the "cobbler apron" style - a full coverage apron with pockets across the bottom. It is a fond memory."

My own apron memories are of my mom's mother, Gladys, baking sugar cookies while wearing her apron, big round cookies dusted with sugar and a raisin in the middle of each one. My other grandmother, Julia wore, her apron when gardening - it had pockets in the front where she kept all the things she needed, including twine to tie up her tiger lilies. What apron memories do you have??
Love, Linda


  1. I remember my mom sewed up some very little aprons for me when I was a little pre-school girl. She wore aprons all the time. Good memories. Great post.

  2. In my grandma's cedar chest I found a white organdy apron with several holiday motifs that snap to the pocket, such as a poinsettia for Christmas, an egg for Easter, etc. If I can get myself together to iron it, I'll share . . . she made the apron and all the holiday trims.

  3. These are lovely aprons. And I always wear one! Though never so pretty.

  4. My Grandmother ALWAYS wore an apron when she was in the kitchen. She had a special red Christmas apron that she would wear with little jingle bells on it and even now on Christmas Day with family I'm thinking about Grandma in her red apron!!

  5. these are sooooo beautiful. I wore an apron today, about an hour ago when I was cooking!

  6. The aprons are stunning! I love each one!

  7. All I can say is that you are so talented and all of these are! Stunning. xoxo