Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

I was in North Carolina at a conference for a week and raced Hurricane Sandy up the coast.
Got some gas, hauled in firewood, and bottled water.
Filled up the bathtub, started a fire in the woodstove.
And hunkered down.
Here's the aftermath at my house:
Big tree fell across both parts of driveway.
Smashed fence.
Hit house.
So, House of Beautiful Dogs has an ouchy.
No leaks though.
Also two large trees in the back yard fell,
And pines in the front - five total.
I JUST painted this!!!
Also no power Monday until Friday, No AT&T cell phone service
for several days. I was pioneer woman, heating water on the woodstove,
and cooking on the top, baking potatoes in the ashes.
Power finally came on last night.
Looooong hot shower.
But I wanted to live in the woods, didn't I?? Didn't I??
This was a little too much nature for me . . . you would have not believed that crash - at 2:45 a.m.
Hope everybody is safe! Love, Linda
P.S. My belated Halloween post, later this week.


  1. Bless your heart Linda, I'm sorry you had to go through this, prayers for you:) Glad you are safe:)
    Hugs Marilou

  2. Oh Linda, as bad as this is, I am so glad you are ok.. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.. Good to hear your power is back on.. That must have been so frightening.

  3. Linda - My heart goes out to you. I am also glad you are ok. What a sorry about the trees and your house. A very strong woman you are with no power that long. Sending hugs and prayers that all will be well soon your way!

  4. Happy to hear you are safe Linda, but sorry to learn of the damage to your cozy house in the woods. You could give us all lessons on survival with what you've endured with the storms that have come your way. Sending you cheery thoughts and prayers!

  5. Bless you Linda,
    Looks like you lost a lovely tree. But glad that it was only the corner of your house! With electricity out so long - you've also lost everything in your freezer and refrigerater. It'll take time to get things back to "normal" and you'll be glad you're still in the woods!!

  6. So glad you are safe! I know what that crash sounds like. We have had two trees fall on our house. One did structural damage. But I think living in the woods is still worth it!
    Hoping everything gets back to normal soon! Stay safe!


  7. I'm so sorry for the damage but I'm glad that nothing happened to you, Linda. Besides the inconveniences power outages cause, being without electricity during the nights must have been pretty scary.

  8. Seems like not too long ago I remember flooding at your house. Sorry to see this, I guess it could have been a whole lot worse. I am glad to see you and the dogs safe.

    I was just back there for my nieces wedding. I am so happy she picked the 12th rather than Halloween weekend. I think there would have been no wedding.

  9. I am sooooo sorry you suffered this. My thoughts were with you as I watched transfixed on the news over here....take care!!