Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Cable is Back!

Weeeee!!!! I have  cable and am online again! Have I ever missed you guys!!
Here are a few photos of our Nor'easter that caused all the trouble:

The problem was - there were still leaves on the trees. When heavy wet snow fell, the branches were weighed down and snapped.

This is (was) my poor magnolia tree!
My driveway.
More of my driveway.
We stayed cozy, though!
After the storm . . . the sky was blue.
Now, it's fall again and 66 degrees!!
Hope everyone is well - and online.
Love, Linda


  1. We watched the news and could not believe the heavy snow storms. So happy you were all okay.

  2. That looks too too familiar! Good to know fall is back! It looks like someone was enjoying it, though!
    Please come by for a visit. I have something for you.


  3. Wow..incredible storms happening all over! Glad you are aok!

  4. So sad that beautiful photos can be so bad for the trees.
    Welcome back...

  5. Oh my gosh! Look at all that snow! I have trees that don't lose their leaves until later into December, and we usually lose a few branches from the weight of the snow.

    Glad to see that everyone stayed warm and cozy. The fire looks wonderful!

  6. so happy you are back in cyber space. Snow is beautiful though...if disruptive!!