Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall Walk with Marley

After our two-day winter, we are back to fall:
Marley loves to walk. I love this photo because he has golden lights in his fur.
Bambi is safe at our house!
Having a quick salad. Marley loves grass!
After the snow, the fall colors aren't quite the same.
Thanks Mom!
Stay warm! Love, Linda


  1. Still beautiful though. I am actually surprised you have any leaves left at all.

  2. Marley is a gorgeous dog, I love dogs. He looks like a very calm and lovable boy. Beautiful views on your walk. Hugs...Lu

  3. Hi Linda-
    What a beautiful day you had for a fall walk. I live in Ky - and we have had the same weather as you - the last few days have been so WARM and glorious. But its coming - ugh!

    Marley looks like such a sweetie - so pretty. How wonderful to have him along on your walks.

    I visited your etsy shop and those shabby stars are exquisite - just beautiful! Your shop is really lovely right now - so many pretty items. Good luck over the Christmas shopping season.

    Thanks for your visit to me. Its great to connect with you again~~


  4. Beautiful Photos and surrondings...I would love to walk with you and Marley. Wonderful colors still around you..Very nice. Thank you for sharing it all with me.

  5. So pretty...thank you for sharing...our trees are now officially winter trees...all bare and waiting for their snow coats.
    Hope you are getting some good rest...boy you nurses work hard...we LOVE you guys. xoxoxoox

  6. Wow..gorgeous post....fantastic photos..decadent autumn beauty..and sweet pup..what a darling! Loved this adventure...thankuou for taking me along!
    Happy week to you friend!