Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Day at the Dog Spa

I don't know how many of you bathe your (big) dogs at home. I try to avoid it if at all possible, My groomer Heather is devoting more of her time to her job, which is acclimating golden retriever breeder females to life in a home so they can be adopted earlier. (Yes, admirable I know, but where does that leave me - only saying.)

Having three dogs bathed and groomed costs more than my weekly grocery bill, and Cassie hates new experiences, baths in general, and meeting people. Sunny hates baths as well, Marley isn't thrilled, but he will comply - vocalizing and complaining throughout.

But what do you do when your dogs smell like an old rug, and your rugs smell like dog. Right - do it yourself. This is not a tutorial. This is raw, uncensored photography, and I prefer to draw a tactful veil over the actual process. (Please excuse the photo quality)

The "after" scene of the carnage.
 What you can't see is the thick layer of wet dog hair coating every surface.
Wet Dog A.  Totally pissed.
Wet Dog B.   Ditto.
Wet Dog C.  Same, also traumatized.
You will note that none of them are making eye contact with me.
Also, it is pouring outside - not ideal for the clean dog.
A selection of products, all of which smell nice to me and horrible to them.
The Perpetrator aka Spa Operator
(whose hair looked very nice 2 hours ago - note the steam -
also sprayed in the face when someone stepped on the sprayer -
also after declogging the drain of 4 pounds of dog hair, and scrubbing the bathroom, including the walls. I didn't need to wash the curtains this time.)
Stay clean, Love, Linda


  1. LOL!!!! I'm sorry I have to laugh! This truly made my night! I am a Bather/Brusher looking to be trained as a Groomer and I LOVE giving bathes to my canine friends. This truly is the best blog post I have read in a LONG time! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I agree with Jennifer. Your misery really will make my day. I have two little ones I plop in the kitchen sink. I just can not even begin to imagine..LOL.

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  4. about to embark on this same journey this afternoon ... heading out in the pouring rain for a long walk with the two dogs first ... was searching for some miraculous tip or easy method, but instead found your blog which I am Certain will be my fate for the day ... thanks for the giggles! Ah, what we do for our fur babies ;)