Thursday, September 29, 2011

What the place REALLY looks like . . . and Cape May Part 2

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This is a shot of my dining room table this morning:
Let's see . . . purse, nurse jacket (forgot to throw it in the wash, ugh!), list, checks to deposit for the Golden Retriever Yankee Candle sale, patterns for latest sewing project, sewing machine, circular chair mats being made for a friend, adoption sticker to put on my car, and one of those super dooper (expensive) last five year halogen lights for outside. And instruction booklet for the chain saw my sister loaned me. All on top of my grandma's lace tablecloth. Until next Thursday . . .

On to Cape May, part 2;
Lunch at the Lobster House
Then we took a trip on the Marsh Skimmer to look at birds. Our fellow passengers were hard-core "birders." We found that they were anxious for a sighting of the Brown Booby.
(I kid you not!)
The bird that looks like Dracula above is a cormorant - I think that's how you spell it. They have no oil on their wings and after they dive for a fish they have to dry their feathers.
Below is Aimee with a starfish. LOTS of little wiggly things underneath that propel it along!
Well, back to the Brown Booby. Evidently this is a tropical bird and rarely seen in these parts and everyone was extremely excited about it. They are called Boobies (boobys?) because they were originally unafraid of people and could be easily knocked on the head and eaten for dinner. There are Blue footed Boobys as well. (I just have to giggle as I write this!)
And HERE he IS!!!!
He is really large bird and I love his yellow feet! They are webbed and he rocks back and forth to keep his balance. He was a "life bird" (which means seen once is a lifetime) for most of those present. He is expected to fly south soon.
Above the Pink House, Below Congress Hall.

The Inn of Cape May

Thanks for sharing my vacation! Love, Linda


  1. Thanks so much for joining in! I think dining tables or kitchen tables are meant to be a gathering place for all sorts of stuff!

    Love the photos from Cape May. It's so lovely there.


  2. Linda, Cape May is lovely, especially through your photos!

    You're a brave lady to do the reality shot, I laud you!



  3. Loved how you described yourself in your "About Me'. Matched up well with Claudia's Reality Links today. I'm going to follow you and put your blog on my Friends blog link.
    - Joy

  4. The blog link is under "Tea Time and Visits"
    Love your font.
    - Joy

  5. Beautiful birds! lol!
    I like your reality shot. I always joke at my kids when they've "cleaned their rooms" and want to take my camera upstairs to show me so I don't have to walk up right away and check. I say, "are you KIDDING? I'm a BLOGGER! I KNOW the 'move the mess around' trick!"
    Looks like you had a beautiful vacation.

  6. Hope Grandma's lace tablecloth survives, ha! ha! Love it all. I have a sturdy French linen cloth on mine - I can mess it up and chuck it in the washer and dryer. Glad you joined Claudia's Reality Shot - can't wait for next time, this is fun.

    Happy weekend - Mary

  7. Looks like my dining room table too! And, my kitchen table!

  8. this looks like a fantastic place...and your table and mine must be related. The similarity is remarkable!

  9. Hi Linda, looks like you had a nice time on your vacation, pretty pictures.
    I like the story about the booby!
    Is that an old bowl with the fruit top, its very pretty, as is grandmothers tablecloth!
    Have a nice weekend!