Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gypsy Dreams Blog Party

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Gypsy Dreams Blog Party

My fringed shawls are sometimes called "piano shawls."  They are gypsy essence with the long hand-knotted fringe, and I literally spent my rent money on the first one I bought. I have five, all made of silk that dress up my little black dress or walk on the boardwalk with Tshirt and jeans, fringe swinging in the breeze. When at home, they are draped over tables,or beds. The poem is by Rie Sheridan Rose here.

Gypsy Song

Come and hear the tambourine,
Come and join the dance!

Spinning silks in shades of light
Velvet dark as shadowed night.

Gold and silver buy your future
Pasteboard cards with faded ink,
Caravans by campfires glow
Keeping secrets gypsies know.
Restlessly, we go our way
We were not meant for hearth or town,

Whirling dancers with eyes like jet,
Centuries have not tamed us yet!

                                                        - Rie Sheridan Rose

Pleasant Gypsy Dreams tonight.
Love, Linda


  1. Oh your shawls are lush, I love the floral ones and the poem is lovely too. Happy Gypsy dreams.

    frith and wishes
    J x

  2. Beautiful scarves, the rose on black is magical! May all your Gypsy Dreams come true!

  3. Beautiful pictures, thank you so much for sharing.
    Have a magical day.

  4. What beautiful textiles with the most wonder embroidery! I love the cards too :)

    Have a wonderful "gypsy day"

  5. GORGEOUS shawls!! lovely post! thanks for sharing.

    BTW, I HATE and am creeped out by Daddy long Legs (and always have been), personally I think they may be aliens. I am afraid of spiders to begin with, but these guys and a couple of others really creep me out. we live in the woods on 5 acres and have been here for over 25 years... LOVE most of the flora/fauna...but those dang wolf spiders that can get to 4 inches across (leg span) I am down right freaked by them, even the men folk are very cautious and somewhat scared when approached to go kill one! HA!

    Good luck in growing anything with the deer. it took us 3 full years to figure out, that deer can jump over 7' fences, sometimes higher. our garden (neglected for the past handful of years) has a 4 foot fence, that hubby added highway posts on top of the other posts (the ones with holes for screwing in signs and reflectors) don't ask, don't tell, LOL anyway, he left 18" in between and hung 4ft fencing one those posts. once it was finished we figured we had the problem licked, NOPE! we were finding the cabbages and other plants still eaten and thought ok, rabbits or something else. THEN the hubs noticed the bottom fence(chain link), all along the tops in sections was covered with white short hairs (belly hairs off the deer) they were rolling over the lower part of the fence! smart critters! So then, he weaved Venetian blind cording through the bottom to the top fencing in a zig-zag formation. EUREKA!!
    Success at last!
    happy dreaming :)
    be well and be blessed,

  6. Gorgeous! I really love the gray with the birds. I would love to decorate with scarves like that, but I think the kitties would also enjoy shreds. :)

  7. Your gypsy post is just lovely -- what great shawls. I wish some more people had left comments for you...

    Happy Gypsy Dreams,

  8. Oh my, such beauty in these fabrics. Colors are fabulous, would not mind owning one of the shawls, don't know where I would wear it just would like to have one. Good post. Hugs...Lu

  9. The shawls are lovely~I remember seeing a piano done with one of these in a house owned by Barbra Streisand. I was smitten with them ever since...and now since I own a piano, I am always keeping my eye out for a nice one.

  10. Wow..super beautiful post..such charming and magical photos of shawls and beautiful fabrics..dazzling! love the cards..I have the same ones..yay.....gorgeous!Magical post..thankyou for this beautiful journey of dreams!
    Shine on

  11. thank you for your sweet comment
    Linda....and i am happy to meet
    you is fun here...on your
    blog your wreath!
    happy, happy autumn!