Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cape May

Aimee (my daughter), and I sneaked (snuck?) away to Cape May last week, where we enjoyed a few days of riding boats and walking the beach and shopping. We stayed at Poor Richards on Jackson Street. It is reportedly haunted by a former lady of the house whom you might find cleaning a room . . .
Our room was on the second floor, right. It was cloudy but the waves were beautiful.
The next day was sunny so we went on a whale watch. No whales but lots of dolphins. Every time I snapped a picture of a dolphin, I got another photo of water with no dolphin. (Those guys are really fast.)
See all the dolphins in the above photo?? No, neither do I . . .
Below, some of the houses along our street.
The following day we went on a walk through the wildlife area around the lighthouse. They were counting hawks, and had seen over 100 so far that day. We saw a frog and a swan.
It was beautiful and the temperature just right. Below, the largest thistle or pricker plant (don't know what the heck it is, but it looks prickery!) I've ever seen!
I'll share more next time, Love, Linda


  1. Wow Linda.!!!..what a super gorgeous and enchanting place ...lucky..Beautiful!! Sounds fun..your whole trip so lovely and wonderful..thankyou for taking me on this magical adventure! Yay...that was fun!
    Happy Autumn Friend...

  2. Love all the scenery, you took good pictures. Did you say haunted? When we first married we bought a home and it was haunted, we put it back on the market almost right away but took a long time to sell, meanwhile we had to live there, it was awful. Will never forget it. Hugs...Lu

  3. Oh Linda, you have just given me a bad case of nostalgia! I grew up in New Jersey and have had many wonderful visits to Cape May as a child and an adult. I'm stuck in Texas now and still yearn for that lovely Victorian seaside town.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love all the gorgeous photos you shared...especially the homes. I have heard that Cape May is gorgeous - hopefully one day I will see it. thanks for sharing! :)

  5. What a beautiful spot...I think I need to take my daughters away. oxxox HUGS for a great week

  6. Such a beautiful place! I would love to visit! Thanks for your comment and follow. I am following you too!