Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Sewing - for Fall

"Summer's lease hath all too short a date."  - Wm Shakespeare

I've been busy sewing fall things - too late, really. I should be deep in Christmas sewing. I also plan to can pears, make peach jam and paint the house. Summer is going toooooo fast!!

New fall things just listed on Etsy:

A very full skirt - and a matching top
I loved this fabric. Its called Farm Stand, so I made a reversible skirt -
 two skirts in one!
When you reverse it . . .
the other side!
Then some bonnets:
Whoops, that was Marley D.
Here's the bonnets:
Enough Farm Stand, here's a twirly top and matching pants
 - perfect for back to school.

Hi from Sunny!
Love, Linda


  1. Wow! you sew beautifully Linda. The skirt is just precious and reversible no less plus bonnet. You should sell this one very fast. Then the top w/matching pants, so yummy. Thank you for visiting my blog and comment. Yes, if you get a chance you should take pictures of your tea pots, they must be beautiful. Hugs...Lu

  2. Beautiful sewing goods but I have to be honest, your dogs steal the show and my heart. Nothing's like the love of a dog or two. Can tell they're greatly loved!! Good to meet you, Linda. Animal folks are the best.

  3. Your're such a talented seamstress! I can't even sew a button! Ha! Ha! I will have to favorite your Etsy shop and take a look around too. You dogs are so sweet! Is Marley part German shepherd?

    Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  4. Linda~

    What doll fits these clothes? Chatty Cathy? :) I hope so!

    You make me smile and your support of me and your kind comments mean more than you know. Thank you so very, very much~


  5. you really have used some lovely fabrics here...and Christmas????? shhhhhhh!!! I'm in denial!

  6. Awww these are so beautiful! Love the color combinations full of happiness!

    Remember I am moving to a different state? Well we are moving to Pennsylvania!! I am debating between Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, I just want a house like the one of my post but seems like Philadelphia is very expensive for that! Any ideas?

    The reason we are moving is because we want to start a family :) So, perhaps when I move and have a baby I will sure come back to your store! :)