Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Putting Up" Pears

Does anyone remember their grandmother canning the fruits of the harvest? Or eating sweet peaches in the middle of winter. We can have peaches year round now - BUT - those peaches at the market in the winter don't taste so good . . .

So, lets can some fresh fruit. You need a canner:
Some utensils: Jar lifter, measuring cups, paring knife, bowl, and -
Jars with lids,
and sugar,
and, of course, Pears.
LOTS of pears.
First, fill the canner with water, it takes a long time to heat.
Put the lids in a pan and heat to simmer.
That sterilizes the lids. To sterilize the jars, put them in the canner (when the water gets hot and simmering) for about 10 minutes, then put them on a clean towel. Don't burn yourself!
Then make a sugar syrup and heat it to simmer. Now, and only now, peel, core and slice the pears. Keep them from turning with lemon juice or Fruit Fresh.
Put the pears in the syrup (all at once) and cook for ten minutes.
(NOTE: If you don't use a deep enough pan, the sugar syrup will boil over and cause a fire on the top of the stove. When this happens, snatch the lid of the canner off and drop it over the fire, smothering it.Turn off the burners. Turn on stove fan. Open windows and front door. Then spend 1-1/4 hours scraping soot and hardened, sticky syrup off the stove top. Start over.)

Where were we? OK. Fill jars. Add lids and screw rings.
Pop 'em in the canner. Don't burn yourself. See the steam??
The recipe will give the processing time. Take them out.
Don't burn yourself!
You will hear them pop as they seal. Cool for 12 hours, then press on the tops.
If they don't move or click, they have sealed. Line them up all pretty
on your shelves. Think about how yummy they will be in January!
I made spiced peach jam today too. I'll tell you about that sometime.
Love, Linda


  1. Hi Linda..Wow..what a fabulous post! ( I love visiting your realm..always a delight!!)Gorgeous photos..very exciting process! I have never made pear preserves before..this looks soo divine! Your spiced peach sounds awesome too..I have made a peach conserve..but wow..would love to try pears in the future!!Thankyou for sharing this gem!!
    Have a magical day!

  2. Ohhh yumm!!! I really need to try that! Although I hear pears and immediately think: pears and wine haha!

    I've never done preserves but that just looks so delicious! Perhaps to top a pie!! (watering mouth now lol)

    I definitely needed a little tutorial picture by picture since I am domestically challenged' haha


  3. Oh girl...I wish I could can! I don't know one single thing about it! Maybe one day!

    Now...I was on the floor over your comment about base painting and making a killing on etsy! We can dream, right?


  4. Yes, great minds think alike, huh?! From across the miles, your canning story was a fun "bookend" to mine, lol!

    And mmmmmmm, your pears look scrumptious!


  5. This looks like so much fun! You make it looks so easy too. The only thing I ever canned were pickles. I'm sure these pears taste way better than the mushy stuff in tin cans! :)

  6. I have never canned anything before, but have seen my mother canning. I've never taken the time to learn. I know I should, your jam looks so yummy!!!

  7. I am not a happy cook. I can cook, I just don't enjoy it. I do like the jars though...now then, could I have some without cooking anything to put in them I wonder???