Saturday, August 13, 2011

Myth Creations by Dora

Hi everyone,
Today I would like to share the artistry of my friend, Dora Siemel. She is a sculptor working in ceramics, and her website "Myth Creations," can be found here.
I've known Dora for, well, let's just say many years. During my visit to her studio last week, she kindly allowed me to photograph two of her latest creations. The first one is called "Chicomecoati, Aztec Goddess of Fertility and Patron of Artists."
Dora kiln fires all her creations herself, and adds additional embellishments after firing. She is using a new medium called "freeform crochet" which I'm sure will interest all you textile artists. She describes the process as "just starting without a pattern and creating new forms without thinking about it." You will see the freeform crochet on this piece.
Above, use of crochet and feathers for ear ornaments.
Below, the headdress.
The second piece is still in progress, but she agreed to let me photograph it. Dora is famous for her horse head sculptures. This one is entitled: "A Steed as Dark as Erebus, With Rainbow Tatters in His Mane."
Isn't he beautiful??
He truly has a "rainbow mane." I hope you have enjoyed seeing a different kind of artistry.
 For a list of shows and contact information, please see Dora's website link.
Love, Linda

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