Monday, June 13, 2011

Sewing Project

It's about time I stopped wandering around the woods, taking photos of trees and dogs. The next sewing project is another apron to take to the Kutztown Folk Festival.
So, I grabbed a pile of lace and a couple pretty blue pieces and some cute ribbon . . .
and started layering . . .
Hmmm, need something for the pockets.
vintage hanky pieces!
Perfect. Trim with a little blue embroidery.
Almost done.
And, all done! I need to press it before the photo shot - you can see it next post.
And a new white bear is listed on Etsy:
Have a great week! Love, Linda


  1. be still my beating heart!! such beautiful fabrics I am positively swooning!! and don't work too hard...your shift pattern sounds horrendous!

  2. Hi Karen,
    Yes, it is horrendous while at work, but then I have 4 days at home. Guess what! I'm going to have an interview on Sandy's Shabby Streamside Studio! I have to have the info to her by June 28th. Very excited! How did your article go? Any more red marks?? I laughed, because I used to be a proofreader and made a lot of red marks myself. Love, Linda