Sunday, March 1, 2015


How do you make nine ruffled dresses for a custom  Etsy order?
First, you start with the tea dying . . .
It took a LOT of tea - about 6 pots full!

 Then cutting them all out - and keeping them straight
Had to sneak in a photo of the "beautiful dog of the house"
He doesn't like his picture taken

Here, after three weeks, is some of the finished product

 The backs of the dresses have little crocheted circles

Here's more!

 They are off to California in the a.m. for a talent show
I'm seeing ruffles in my sleep!

Love, Linda


  1. I hope you feel very pleased and proud Linda? A mammoth task and one that you finished beautifully. I feel much better now thanks....100 percent...:)

  2. me again.....I just noticed and had to fed up does the man of tho house look? Lol.....he's not happy is he..

  3. Absolutely adorable dresses, well done!